Connective Games has a long-term experience in providing customized online gaming software starting from 2000. Our gambling software is based on the scalable and high-performance platform capable to operate under high loaded traffic. We offer wide range of online gaming solutions at any choice compatible with any of our client requirements.

Reliable gaming platform with advanced and innovative features is able to optimize your budgets and exceed your expectations. We are ready to be your dedicated gambling software provider!

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Robust Online Gaming Software

Our online gambling software is distinguished by Connective Games stable platform for business of any level and scale. Frequently operators are faced with their system stuck at the number of concurrent players exceeding a couple of thousands with the following collapse and way to acquire predictable bad reputation. Further upgrade of such existing gaming software may not be possible as the solution which is in use not scalable and limited just by one server-computer.

The productive capacity of our scalable gaming platform allows you to support any online operator with immediate opportunity to increase the general performance of the system. It is implemented by our team via adding extra servers that allows reach desirable number of concurrent online players up to tens of thousands.

We are one of those software providing companies who helps you to operate in tune with the gambling industry having secure infrastructure for your players.

Comprehensive Gambling Software and Platform Key Points

We are specializing in gaming software development and delivering products featured by its integrity and extensive stability.

A wide choice of online gambling software solutions is offered for you with significant set of features necessary to operate within the gambling industry:

White-Label and Standalone Solutions

Our company offers superior services and provides integrated online solution to all partners. Connective Games platform is focused on accommodating our clients’ diverse expectations and needs covering White-Label and Standalone Options.

White-Label option benefits in unique possibility to merge with different gaming operators simultaneously increasing the player liquidity of your system. Our online gaming software allows to link additional skins to the network accordingly and all the online poker players get the flexibility to play on multiple tables and tournaments across all the partner sites. Your player liquidity evolves significantly!

Standalone solution opens the gates to independent gambling operation with full system control and involvement. All business tasks and servers to manage your website and gaming software, deposit processing and gaming license remain your own responsibility.

Online Gaming Services

Connective Games team is committed to provide you with the inexhaustible gambling services up to ever-changing market demands. The following scope is covered by us for you to succeed in the online gambling business:

We are experienced enough to complete any project within any of our clients requirements and budgets. Our team is streamlined and efficient to offer you dedicated services to make the wildest gambling dreams come true and be your tailored gambling software developer.

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Connective Games News


We are happy to announce about our independent operation apart from Cybertech International Holdings.
Connective Games now should not be associated with the above partnership anymore.

 March 25 2014 

Connective Games and Balkan Texas confirm poker network partnership Last week was specially highlighted by a visit of Mr. Dean Todorovic, CEO Balkan Texas d.o.o to our office in Tomsk, Russia. In line of several meetings a decision on poker network establishment was made with Eastern Europe focus. It will contribute joint expertise, experience, technologies and resources in order to build a strong position on the market.

 February 24 2014 

New Media Partner Login Casino which is the leading Russian publisher that enlightens gambling industry, opportunities how to run legal business and expand your markets is now our new media partner.

 February 12 2014 

Gratitude to all ICE 2014 participants Connective Games would like to thank everyone who took part in ICE Totally Gaming Show 2014, London for smooth communication and cooperation.