Gambling Insider: Breaking down the walls

Here is evaluation why traditional land-based poker players lack trust in online games and how these issues can be overcome.

A large number of land-based poker players still lack trust in online games. Despite licencing and regulation, the random number generators (RNGs) used to decide the outcome of games are still a cause for concern. While almost all operators and suppliers have their RNGs stringently tested, audited and approved by independent labs, some still believe the shuffling of thedeck and the dealing of the cards can be rigged in favour of the poker room. This is not so much of an issue amongst younger players, many of whom have grown up with computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets that can be hooked up to the internet. They are the video game generation, and, if anything, have more trust in algorithms and RNGs than they do humans. For them, they are happy to play online knowing that the hands being dealt and the outcomes of the games are fair, honest and free of manipulation. But more traditional land-based players provide a huge opportunity for online operators to drive new sign-ups and boost liquidity. In most cases, they have been playing poker for many years, are passionate about the game, and, once open to online play, provide operators with stability and brand loyalty. That said, overcoming these issues is easier said than done, and operators will have to pull out all of the stops if they are to engage them…

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Published by Gambling Insider, digital issue March 2018, Page 7

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