Connective Games – Platform Gains

Julia Salagaeva Head Business Development & Corporate Communications at Connective Games details why operators are focusing on platform flexibility and how this has created a greater scope for new software developers 

The online gaming industry is going through a significant period of disruption, during which a new wave of software provider is emerging – smaller, technically innovative, flexible, and heavily-client-focused, and this is great news for the small to medium operator in particular.

The days when the big software providers would lock you into a contract for years are beginning to ebb, as platform flexibility is becoming the number one priority for an operator. The truth is that businesses that lack agility will struggle in the current climate.

Meanwhile, some of the dominant players in the software market are beginning to lose ground because the market has been for too long dominated by outdated tech and a lack of focus on client services.

Some software providers are bogged down by contracts, as well as inflexible, hard-coded software. Often, operators must wait in a queue to receive updates to their sites, and prioritization is driven by client size. In such cases, it’s easy for smaller operators to get left behind. Companies that are able to offer bespoke services are now a must for operators.

The advantage of being able to pick and choose between a group of smaller software providers means that operators can find a partner with the right expertise for their specific needs. A company with the right kind of local knowledge of a desired market can greatly simplify the process of operating in a regulatory fragmented industry. It can provide a platform with an in-built set of rules, offer help with the implementation of the right local suppliers, KYC and bonus settings and offers tailored to your target market.

Connective Games, for example, concentrates its expertise on highly desirable developing local markets, such as Georgia, through its partner with Europe-bet, and South America, through PokerDeLasAmericas. The recent announcement that Betsson would acquire Europe-bet for tens of millions, highlights how lucrative these local markets can be.

For smaller operators, a smaller platform provider can be desirable ally in the market, as both companies will be focused on working and growing together. A smaller poker platform, for example, can provide the liquidity needed for a company to get up and running, without getting lost in a crowd of more highly-prioritized operators.          `

Meanwhile, a fully scalable, modern solution with a wide set of customization options and integration capabilities will allow the platform to grow with your business. Rather than tie you into a rigid contract, the new generation of software platforms increasingly offer scope for integration into existing third-party gaming systems, allowing you to build a more unique product and making you feel like less of a “skin”.

The current online gaming landscape offers plenty of opportunities to work with younger, smaller, brighter, technically-minded companies that offer fresh innovation, and real partnerships, but with the stability, maturity and regulatory knowhow to make your business work.

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