digest \ Dec 17, 2018

Are you ready for Sweden?

As of January 1st 2019 Sweden's gaming landscape is set to undergo important transformations. The new regulations have been advertised for over half a year, giving operators time to make necessary adjustments.


The main piece of news concerns the fact that access to Swedish gambling market will henceforth be conditioned by ownership of a state-issued license.


"The new regulations create a totally different environment for Sweden’s gambling operators. Those that are not licenced in Sweden will now be required to close their doors to Swedish gamblers, with only licenced operators permitted to accept bets from Swedish players." (NetBet).


Operating in Sweden, or allowing Swedish players access to bets in absence of a Swedish gaming license will be treated as criminal offense and pursued as such.


The new regulations also feature provisions aimed at protecting players against temptations of excessive gambling. 


"Licensed operators must have a comprehensive duty to protect gamblers from excessive gambling.

Strict requirements for moderation in marketing gambling will apply.

Gamblers must be able to bar themselves from all gambling, and bonuses will not be permitted at any time other than the first gambling occasion". (Government.se)


The Swedish gambling market will be divided in 3 sectors: a competitive section open to online betting and gambling, taxed at 18%; a non-profit one mostly concerned with lotteries and bingo, which will continue to be tax exempt; and finally a government-reserved sector, which will include state-owned casinos and token machines.