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Accelerating the Thrill: Innovative Game Features Redefining Online Poker

In the realm of online poker, where strategy meets adrenaline, innovation is the key to keeping players engaged and excited. At Connective Games Malta, we understand the evolving needs of both seasoned veterans and newcomers to the game. That's why we're constantly pushing the boundaries with our cutting-edge features designed to elevate the poker experience. Here are some of the most exciting features we offer:


Flip Out Feature

Introducing a game-changer in the world of online poker – the Flip Out feature. Available in both cash games and tournaments, Flip Out injects an electrifying pace into the gameplay. Picture this: Every hand, every player is forced to go all-in until a victor emerges. It's high-octane, it's intense, and it's guaranteed to get your heart racing. But that's not all. We've taken Flip Out to the next level with our innovative Flip & Go tournaments. Say goodbye to sluggish beginnings – in the initial phase, players are propelled into action as they all go all-in until they reach the coveted In The Money (ITM) stage. From there, it's a seamless transition into a classic Multi-Table Tournament (MTT) structure. With Flip Out, the thrill of victory is just a flip away.


All-in or Fold Feature

For those who crave the rush of high-stakes action and lightning-fast decisions, our All-in or Fold feature delivers in spades. Whether you're playing cash games or tournaments, All-in or Fold presents players with a simple yet exhilarating choice: push all your chips into the pot or fold your hand. With limited options and unlimited excitement, All-in or Fold games are a magnet for adrenaline junkies and strategic masterminds alike. It's poker at its most pure – no fluff, no fuss, just pure unadulterated action.


Deal Making Before First Hand Feature

In the world of poker, negotiation is often as crucial as card skills. That's why we've introduced the Deal Making Before First Hand feature, putting the power back into the players' hands. In multi-table tournaments (MTTs), this game-changing feature allows remaining players to hash out prize distributions before a single card is dealt. By basing payouts on current chip stacks rather than risking it all in regular play, players can strategize and secure their winnings with precision. It's a game-changer that adds a whole new dimension to tournament play, empowering players to shape their own destinies and take control of their poker experience.


At Connective Games Malta, we're not just redefining online poker – we're revolutionizing it. With our innovative features and unwavering commitment to excellence, we're shaping the future of the game one hand at a time. Join us and experience the thrill of poker like never before.

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